Benefits and support Tell us about a change

The law says you must tell us if there is any change to the information we used to decide if you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.

Tell us if:

  • You leave Manchester or move within Manchester. If you move from outside Manchester see what to do here instead
  • You change tenancy or get a new landlord
  • You want us to change the way we pay benefit or who we pay it to
  • You change your name; your job; your benefits, income or savings; or if your partner or other people you live with have changes like this
  • Someone moves out or a new person moves in
  • Your children start school, work or other education

If you're not sure tell us anyway.

When you have completed the online form with details of your change you must send us evidence of the change.

See more information about evidence and upload your documents to the evidence portal

If someone in your household dies

Please use the Tell Us Once service where you can report a death to most government organisations and council departments at the same time.


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Was this page helpful?