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Danger or nuisance on the street

People should be able to use our roads, pavements and footpaths safely, and without obstruction or nuisance. 

Please note that a dangerous building that presents a serious and immediate threat to public safety is a separate, specific problem that should be reported immediately to Building Control on 0161 234 4333 during office hours, or to Greater Manchester Police on 0161 872 5050 outside of these hours.

Examples of types of danger or nuisance might include:

  • A possible danger to people using a road or pavement from, for example, building or construction work, piles of building materials, steep slopes or drops;
  • soil or mud falling or carried onto the street, can obstruct people or block gutters, drains or gullies;
  • water falling or flowing onto the street from private property can wet people, cause large puddles or freeze in cold weather; and
  • barbed wire on land next to a pavement or path which can hurt people or rip their clothes.

What can you do

Often, problems can be resolved informally. Could you try speaking to the person or business responsible and trying to come to a compromise?  Explain how the issue is affecting you and ask them if they can do something to help resolve it.

However, this informal approach may not always be successful, if this happens please contact us and we will investigate. You will need:

  • the location;
  • type of danger or nuisance; and
  • your details.

What we can do

If we consider that there is danger or an unreasonable nuisance, we will take action. We will usually try to get the person responsible to resolve the issue voluntarily. If they don't, we will serve a notice to tell them to do it, and ultimately take steps or do work to repair, protect, remove or fence off the area that is causing the danger or nuisance ourselves and where possible recover the costs from them.

Do it Online    

Dangerous building - if the building does not pose an immediate danger to public safety, you can report it online

Further information

Highways Act 1980

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