Business and investment Empty property and business rates

From the date that a property becomes empty, we do not charge business rates on:

  • business property for the first three months
  • industrial and warehouse properties for the first six months.

After this, a 100% business rate charge applies to most properties that have been empty for three months or more, or six months or more in the case of industrial and warehouse properties. See definitions.

Email us at with the date the property became empty. Include your contact details in the email as we may need to ask for further evidence, or to arrange to inspect the property.

See how to check, challenge or appeal a rateable value

Bringing vacant properties back into use

We want to encourage you to bring vacant shops, offices, factories and warehouses back into use. Owners can re-let, redevelop or sell unused property. This keeps buildings in use and reduces rent for businesses (the more business premises the lower the rents), as well as reducing the need for development on greenfield land.

Mandatory rate relief for empty charities and sports clubs

If your property is empty, you can still claim mandatory rate relief.

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Was this page helpful?