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How the scheme will work

Resident parking permits are available free-of-charge for every vehicle registered at an address within the scheme area. The permit can be used to park anywhere within the area of the scheme - this doesn’t have to be outside your home. You will only be able to use a permit with the vehicle it's intended for.

In addition, visitor permits, carers permits, business owner and business visitor permits are available.

Who is eligible

  • Anybody who lives in a property (rented or owned) within the scheme area and owns a vehicle that's registered there can apply for a permit for their vehicle. You will be asked to provide proof of address.
  • You can apply for a permit for each vehicle registered at a property. It does not matter if you have off-street parking or not.
  • If you don’t own a car but have visitors you can apply for a visitor permit for their vehicle if you live in a property within the scheme area. This means any visitors that need to stay for longer than the maximum permitted stay in parking bays, or anywhere within a ‘past this point’ area, during the indicated times.
  • If you own a company car you can also apply, but you'll need to provide us with a letter from your workplace telling us that you keep it at home.
  • Business owners can apply for a permit for themselves to park if their business premises is within the scheme area. They can also apply for business visitor permits.
  • You can apply for a free transferable carer’s permit for someone caring for you at your home if you have regular visits from a carer or medical professional. If they are not eligible, you will need to apply and pay for a visitor’s permit.
  • If you are a student resident at a property within the scheme area you may be eligible for a permit if your studies require you to use a vehicle (for example, a student nurse on placement who is required to drive to remote a hospital).

Cost of a permit

Resident permits, business permits, carers permits and students permits are free-of-charge.

Visitor permits:

  • For both residents and businesses these will cost £45 per year. We're not planning any future price rises, but we can't guarantee that this won't change.
  • Each household can have one visitor permit that can be used to register up to 10 vehicles, and businesses can have one permit for up to 2 vehicles - it is not £45 per visitor vehicle, but £45 for all vehicles you wish to register. The registration details for the visitor vehicles can be entered online and changed an unlimited amount of times.

If you don’t need your permit anymore you’ll be able to get a refund on any full calendar months you have left on it.

Issued permits

All permits other than carer permits are electronic permits (E-permits). The vehicle registration is stored in our system showing the enforcement officer that a permit is attached to a vehicle.

Carer permits come as a paper permit. You will need to pass this to the carer when they visit your home.

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