Crime, antisocial behaviour and nuisance CCTV cameras and security

All cameras are colour and have pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, they are situated throughout the city and are monitored and recorded 24 hours per day.

Evidence is retained for a period of 31 days.

We use the camera to:

  • Make Manchester a safe and clean place in which to live, work and visit; 
  • Reduce antisocial behaviour, youth nuisance, drug and alcohol misuse, and provide public reassurance; 
  • Gain evidence of environmental crimes such as graffiti, vandalism, littering and fly-tipping; 
  • Ensure that traffic flows easily and safely through the city's streets; 
  • Provide traffic management support and enforcement of moving traffic offences; and
  • Provide assistance and direction in the event of a major emergency in the city. 

Please note that recorded images may be used for research purposes.

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Was this page helpful?