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A picture of Wythenshawe undergoing repair work.


Wythenshawe Hall was damaged due to a fire in March 2016. Fortunately the Fire Service did an amazing job to help save the building from complete destruction and they limited the damage. We are working to restore this much-loved iconic building to its former glory so that we can once again open it to the public.

Wythenshawe Hall was the home of the Tatton family for over 600 years, and is now owned by the Council. The Hall, and the surrounding 250 acres of park land, were given to the city by Lord and Lady Simon in 1926, to be enjoyed by the people of Manchester and beyond. The Hall served as an art gallery and museum until its temporary closure in 2010.

Up until the fire, The Friends of Wythenshawe Hall had been working in partnership with us to open the Hall on a regular basis. There have been Christmas and Easter open days and also a very popular Garden Party which joined up with the Big Lunch to host a community picnic with over 1,000 visitors on the day.

Please check our online events calendar for information on when the Hall will be open next. If you'd like to get involved, find out more by visiting the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall website. (external site).


Whilst the Hall was still an art gallery and museum a number of information sheets were made for the public to print off and keep. They contain information on how the rooms were used in the Hall as well as some pictures and much of this information is available to download from our website.

There are a selection of pages from the Scrapbooks of Eva and Alice Tatton, Room Guides, House Detective - a special guide for children and A Park for the People - Memories. There is also the Memory Box Trail, showing images from a special outdoor sculpture trail inspired by people's memories of the park.

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