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Sports, leisure & the Arts Allotments in Manchester

So you think you might want an allotment?

If you've got green fingers and you'd like a challenge then an allotment could be perfect for you. If you're ready to work hard, and you're happy to deal with weeds, slugs and snails, greenfly and other nasties, the benefits are well worth it:

  • eat fresh and organic food that you've grown yourself;
  • the pleasure of seeing your plants grow, which means improved happiness and well-being;
  • improved physical health from regular exercise, as part of a healthy lifestyle;
  • plots designed for disabled people (wheelchair and non-wheelchair users) are available on some sites, contact the Allotments officer for further information;
  • do your bit for the environment. You'll be protecting an open green space and also reducing the need to transport or package your food;
  • improve your social life! Make new friends and become a seasoned allotmenteer.

Find the your nearest allotment site

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Was this page helpful?