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Homes & property Advice on street giving for rough sleepers

Big Change Manchester helps rough sleepers get off - and stay off - the streets

Street giving doesn’t help people long-term. Even if the person receiving the money has a real need, the benefit is short-term. We are supporting the Big Change campaign. Working with charities, voluntary and public sector organisations to provide long-term solutions to homelessness.

Big Change encourages people to give effectively by pooling their donations to get rough sleepers into housing, rather than just help them to survive on the streets.

It pays for real things people need to get, furnish and maintain a home, like:

  • deposits and the first month’s rent
  • travel to their new home
  • practical items like pots and pans, bed linen or a sofa
  • clothes for job interviews
  • education or training courses.

The organisations who can apply for the funds use a quick application process and can be given the money almost immediately..

How you can help

Donate at and share the link on social media.

Text ‘REAL01 £1’ to 70070. Or donate more by typing £2, £5, £10 etc.

Organise a fundraising event at work, college or university, or donate your time and skills as a volunteer.

For positive ways to help visit the big change website

Other help can help you find services and support for homeless people.

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Was this page helpful?