Parking Blue badge - disabled parking permits

Apply for, or renew, a blue badge

End of expiry extension: 30 September 2020

As a response to COVID-19, we were advised (by the Department for Transport and local government representative bodies) to allow you to continue using your badge if it had an expiry date between 1 January and 30 September 2020. However, this period will not be extended further, and you will not be able to use your expired badge after that date.

If your badge has expired - or is due to expire - please start the reapplication process as soon as you can to give your local authority time to process your application and make a decision. This will also help to make sure that you receive your new badge before the 30 September 2020 if you are entitled to one.

If you use an expired badge after this date, you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or other enforcement action.

Applications can only be made online. If you can't do this yourself, and don't have anyone who can apply for you, or if you need the Blue Badge information in braille or large print, please call or email us (Manchester residents only. If you live in another authority, please contact them for advice.)

If you need to renew your Blue Badge, we recommend that you re-apply about twelve weeks in advance. We no longer send out reminder letters.

The charge for a Blue Badge is £10, and we advise you to apply directly through the government website. There are other websites that offer to help with your application but they may charge for this service. To avoid paying extra, apply directly through the government website.

For applications that need further assessment, processing can take up to 5 months. If you've applied and are waiting for an assessment, you can continue to use your out of date Blue Badge for up to 6 months after the date of expiry, but this waiver only applies to parking on public highways within Manchester City Council boundaries, and in any dedicated Disabled parking bays. The waiver does not apply to private car parks (such as shops or retail parks) but it does apply to hospital car parks at:

  • South - Christie Hospital, Wythenshawe, Trafford, Withington and Altrincham
  • Central - Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), St Mary's, Manchester Royal Children's Eye Hospital. 
  • North - North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH)

To continue using your expired Blue Badge, you must have already applied for your replacement badge.  A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) will still be issued for any other parking violation. 

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Was this page helpful?