Consultations and surveys Northern Quarter area 2: Stevenson Square consultation

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This consultation closed on 21 December 2021

Proposed changes

In the last consultation, a one way bus route through the square was proposed, but as a result of feedback we changed the design to remove all motor traffic and have a 2-way cycle lane running through the square. In order to support bus operations, alternative ‘layover’ areas for buses to wait in are being considered in nearby streets as part of wider city centre bus- routeing planning.

In more detail, the changes are:  

  • The prohibition of driving on Oldham Road between Hilton Street and Dale Street will be removed.  
  • On Hilton Street:
    • Pay and display parking bays will be removed.
    • Traffic will run one-way north-westbound from Oldham Street junction to Tib Street junction, with a contra-flow cycle lane and disabled parking bay added.
    • Between Port Street and Newton Street, traffic currently runs one way in a north-west direction; the existing loading bay outside no. 39 Hilton Street will be relocated on the opposite side to allow for footway widening and a contra-flow cycle lane on the north side of Hilton Street.
    • Between Tariff Street and Port Street the existing pay and display parking bays are to be removed, the footway on the northeast side widened and cycle wayfinding markings added.
    • Will also feature new, wider footpaths on both sides of the section between Little Lever Street and Newton Street. This section will have one way traffic running northwest. The loading bay outside no. 20 Hilton Street will be removed, the loading bay outside no. 18 will be retained and a 1.5m wide contra-flow cycle lane will be installed on the north side of this section of Hilton Street.
    • Traffic between Oldham Street and Spear Street will travel one way in a southeast direction. Access will be allowed for loading, for hackney carriages to access a new taxi rank on the north side of Hilton Street, and for cyclists there will be a 1.5m wide contra-flow cycle lane on the south side of Hilton Street.
  • At the junction of Oldham St and Hilton Street, signals for both pedestrians and cyclists will be added.  
  • At the junction of Newton Street and Hilton Street, the junction will be upgraded, and will have signals for pedestrians and cyclists to cross, including and ‘advanced release’ for cyclists.  
  • On Spear Street, access will be kept as it currently is, for servicing and loading. The pavement outside no 33 Spear Street will be built out into the road, pay and display bays will be removed, and the loading bay will be moved next to the new build out.  
  • On Port Street, the four parking spaces outside no 40 and Hilton House will be removed and replaced with new double yellow lines.
  • Stevenson Square:
    • Bollards (which can be removed for access for events and/or maintenance) and street furniture will be installed to ensure that vehicles are not able to enter the square.  
    • Bus stops will be removed and the area pedestrianised. The Square will include new seating, bike racks and planted ‘sustainable drainage systems’ subject to available underground space. Some existing trees and cycle racks will need to be moved to create a more open space, and where space and underground pipes and cables allows, additional planting will be done, subject to surveys to determine exact locations and numbers.  
    • A two-way cycle lane will run through the square, at the same level as the footway. Tactile paving for pedestrians will be added at designated crossing points, and more cycle wayfinding signs will be installed. The existing taxi rank to be removed and relocated with shared loading facilities on Lever Street next to Stevenson Square. 
  • To the north of Stevenson Square:  
    • New pedestrian tactile paving will be installed at the junction of Oldham Street with Whittle Street and Warwick Street.  
    • Additional trees and other planting (using Sustainable Drainage Systems where possible) will be added to the South Eastern side of Lever Street, as part of the City of Trees project, subject to available space and the position of underground pipes and cables (water, electric, gas, telecoms etc)

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