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Why me: 1 in 10 students become a victim of crime

There are more than 70,000 students in Manchester, 1 in 10 of those students will become a victim of crime.

Why me

The vast majority of people have a fun safe night out without any problems. To help make sure you do:

  • Eat a meal before a night out to avoid getting drunk too quickly;
  • Pace your drinks and drink water between alcoholic drinks - bars and pubs now have to provide free tap water to anyone who asks for it;
  • Drink lower strength lagers, which can reduce alcohol consumption by 20 per cent over a night out;
  • If you feel too drunk, switch to soft drinks for a while;
  • Don't leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers, as they could get spiked or be tampered with;
  • Walk away from trouble; it's not worth it.  Be polite. If you accidentally spill someone's drink or bang in to them then apologise or if a friend starts becoming aggressive, calm them down and encourage them to sober up with a few soft drinks;
  • Stay with your friends - go into town together and leave together. Try not to wander off from your friends without letting anyone know where you are going and arrange a meeting point in case you become separated;
  • Make sure you and your friends have each others mobile numbers so that you can keep in contact and all get home safely;
  • Plan how you are going to get home before a night out; and
  • Avoid walking home alone. If you have no other choice, face ongoing traffic where you can be seen as this will avoid the surprise of a vehicle approaching from behind.
  • Avoid shortcuts, alleyways and deserted areas like car parks.  If you feel as though you may be in danger, cross over the road a few times, knock on a door or walk to the nearest shop or garage.

Take safe transport

  • If you are travelling alone let someone know how, and where you are travelling to, and contact them to let them know that you have arrived safely;
  • Choose a seat in busy areas of the train, tram or bus, if there are not many passengers sit close to the driver or train guard; and
  • Don't be too proud to change seats if you feel uncomfortable.

The Night Bus Scheme is provided in conjunction with four bus companies and Transport for Greater Manchester and runs until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights. The Night Bus offers protected night-time bus-stops, comfortable buses equipped with CCTV and are also covered by two dedicated city centre police patrols. If alone, sit as near to the driver as possible and avoid empty upper decks, tell the driver or guard if someone bothers you.

Taxis that operate in Manchester are either distinctive hackney carriages (black cabs) or clearly marked private hire vehicles. Hackney carriages have a plate number displayed on the outside and inside of the cab. Manchester private-hire vehicles have a large yellow sticker with the Manchester crest on the bonnet of the vehicle so they are easy to spot. Do not get in a private hire car unless you have booked them first. Only hackney carriages (black cabs) are insured to carry passengers who have flagged them down.

  • Drivers should also display their licence card (this looks like a driver's licence and gives the name and badge number of the driver as well as a photograph of them); and
  • Always sit in the back seat.  If you have any doubt, don't get in.

Nexus Art Cafe offer a free taxi call service. This community based arts café is based on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter and offers customers coffee and cake up to 4am (menu - not free) whilst also utilising the free taxi call service: a safe, sensible and unique resource in Manchester.

Bike safety

  • Always lock your bike if leaving it unattended;
  • Choose a place to lock your bike where there are lots of people and a high level of natural surveillance;
  • Invest in a good lock. D-shaped are usually the best;
  • Lock both the wheel and frame to make your bike more secure;
  • Make sure that any quick release and detachable items such as wheels, saddles and lights are either secured or removed and taken with you;
  • Register your bike through an approved scheme;
  • Add your bike to your home contents insurance; and
  • If your bike is stolen report it immediately!

Remember: you can register your valuables such as laptops, mobile phones and bikes for free at >  It's a quick, easy and free way of logging the details of your property on a national database that police can access and compare against items that have been found or recovered from suspected criminals.

Anti-social behaviour

  • If you feel that you are being affected by anti-social behaviour where you live (this includes: loud music, verbal abuse, harassment and intimidation), report it; and
  • Action can be taken against people who behave anti-socially. In more serious cases legal action can be taken to stop the ASB.

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