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Your priorities: roads

Roads came right near the top of residents’ priorities when we consulted about our budgets for coming years.

Roads are vital. They get us to school, work and shops, to the doctors and in and out of town when we want to relax and have a good time. Roads are crucial for businesses and jobs too, and of course, good, safe routes for emergency services literally save lives.

We will invest £15.5 million in our roads and pavements in 2017/18 including:

  • £6m resurfacing roads
  • £2m fixing pavements
  • £6m preserving roads so they last longer
  • £500,000 on drainage for roads
  • £1m patching small areas of road damage.

Our investment brings the decent roads we need to make Manchester the top-flight, well connected city we’re aiming for. They’ll benefit cyclists and bus-users as well as cars, lorries and vans – all crucial as we grow into the prosperous and attractive regional capital we need to be.

We’re working up five years of carefully planned work on the city’s highways that will see at least £80million invested. With over 1,350km of road, and over 83,000 vehicles an hour using our busiest stretches, we can't treat every road in the next five years, but we can stop things deteriorating and make some real improvements. 

You'll see some work in every council ward.  

More on why and how we care for roads.



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