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Your priorities: jobs and wages

Our budget reflects priorities people raised in extensive consultation in 2016/17. This week we're sharing more info about our spending on your priorities: jobs, skills, wages and training.

Supporting residents into work, training and good wages is high on our list of priorities because people were clear in our budget consultation about the value of jobs and help for residents to get them.

So £12m of our budget for 2017-18 is supporting people into work.

Key players are the Work and Skills team. They’re dedicated to these priorities including support like:

–Jobs fairs to support people into work, especially people who need most help to become more employable.

–Events for all Manchester school children to keep them aware of, and ready to take advantage of, the kind of jobs expanding in our city. Also encouragement to study subjects our new industries need: science, technology, engineering and maths.

–Digital skills courses for women so they can compete effectively for jobs now and in the future.

–Manchester Youth Market: developing and strengthening young people’s enterprise, and developing opportunities for Manchester residents to test their business ideas.

–Work with businesses to make sure they invest in Manchester and recruit our residents.

–Initiatives helping the most vulnerable people affected by welfare cuts to remove the barriers to them working including working with doctors and the NHS to help those with long-term health problems or special needs back into work.

In coming years we’ll build on our work with priority groups such as those:

  • with low skills
  • on low pay
  • who don't have English as their first language, and
  • at risk having no education, employment or training.

Check out our social media channels all this week to see our passionate staff and partners explain how, day-in and day-out, they're playing their part in making Manchester the thriving and fair city where everyone can benefit from success, no matter where they come from or where they live.


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