Homes and property Right to buy your Council-owned home

If you live in a property owned by Manchester City Council, you may be able to buy your home - even if it's managed by another housing organisation.

You have the right to buy your Council home if:

  • you pay your rent to an organisation that collects rent on behalf of the Council. That is: Manchester City Council Housing Services in north Manchester; Harvest Housing in Grove Village, Ardwick; Adactus Housing in Miles Platting; Guinness Northern Counties in West Gorton; Solutions for Brunswick in Brunswick; and
  • you have been a tenant for at least three years.

You cannot buy your Council home if:

  • you live in housing that is reserved for older or disabled people; or
  • or you have been a tenant for less than three years.


You will get a discount on the price. How much discount you get depends on how long you have been a tenant, and the type of property you live in. 

You have to repay the discount if you sell the property within five years.

Can you afford to buy?

Before you apply to buy your home, make sure you can afford it. Think about the future, when your circumstances may change. Bear in mind that house prices and interest rates could go down in future as well as up.

Look at all the costs, not just mortgage repayments. You’ll have additional costs and responsibilities you may not have as a tenant, such as repairs and maintenance. 

See Can I afford to buy my home? (Government website). You can get a calculation of how much discount you can get too.

If you buy a flat, you will become a leaseholder, and will have to contribute to the maintenance of the building and surrounding area. Find out more about being a leaseholder.

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