Roads and transport Scheme Activation grant funding

What you cannot get funding for

Some projects, activities, events or schemes do not fall within the criteria for the Scheme Activation Grant Funds; therefore, applications will not be considered for the following:

  • Additional construction works.
    • For example, the construction of a BMX track.
  • Activities that require planning permission or a Highways permit.
    • For example, Parklets.
  • Data collection devices,
    • for example: air quality monitors, traffic cameras, speed cameras and other artificial data collection tools (Vivacity Cameras).
  • Activities that include the use of property not owned by the applicant.
    • For example, utility boxes.
  • Works cannot take place on unadopted land.
  • Works should not make fundamental changes to the Highway, Footway or Carriageway without consent.
  • Activities should not have a maintenance, further revenue consequences, liabilities or regular upkeep aspects.
    • For example, cycle stands in public places.
  • Projects that do not directly benefit Manchester residents;
  • Traffic-calming schemes or CCTV;
  • Projects that simply replace existing facilities with no significant improvement;
  • Projects that improve or benefit privately owned land to which the public have no access and un-adopted roads and footpaths;
  • Projects that have already been completed or will have been by the time the grant is issued;
  • Ongoing revenue funding of staff wages, salaries or expenses or overheads such as rent, leases or utility costs;
  • Projects that only benefit individuals (e.g. qualifications, counselling sessions, professional legal advice etc.);
  • Groups cannot directly benefit financially from their own application (they cannot be a fiscal beneficiary);
  • Purchase of alcohol and gambling activities;
  • Activities of a religious or political nature; or
  • Activities that are contrary to Manchester City Council’s equal opportunities policy (Equality and diversity | Manchester City Council).

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