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List of addresses that can get permits

Parking restrictions

We've restricted parking on some streets between 8am and 7pm on weekdays. But mostly, anyone can park anywhere, free, for up to three hours. This means that visitors could park from 4pm to 11am next weekday morning – and anytime at weekend. But:

  • Between 8am and 7pm weekdays, you need a permit to park longer than 3 hours
  • Opposite the hospital’s main entrance it’s permit-only parking at all times.

See more detail of parking restrictions around Crumpsall hospital


Crumpsall parking permit rules

  • Resident and business permits aren’t transferable – you need a separate permit for each vehicle, showing the registration number
  • Visitor and carer permits are transferable
  • Display the right permit with the details clearly on view, or risk a ticket
  • Permits don't let you park on yellow lines, and don't guarantee you a parking space
  • Permits last one year. You must apply for a new permit the week before your old one expires
  • We withdraw misused permits and we may take further action.

You must let us know if you:

  • lose your permit (£25 replacement fee) or
  • change your vehicle (free first time, then £25)
  • move house or have your permit stolen (free).

Tell us about these changes on the application form.

What you need to apply

To apply online you need to attach a photo or scan of certain documents proving your address etc. If you can't do that, please download and send us the paper form with copies of the documents required.

Get permits for residents

Get permits for businesses 

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