Roads and transport North East Gateway walking and cycling route improvements

Managing the work - Phase 1

The works will happen in two phases.

Phase one started at the end of January 2022.

Phase 1

  • Area A (Pollard St/ GAS junction)
    Junction alterations will retain existing vehicular movements and provide improved pedestrian and cycle facilities including segregated cycle lanes. There will be a new segregated pedestrian and cycle crossing to the north side of Great Ancoats Street that links Chapeltown Street to Pollard Street. The existing pedestrian crossing across Pollard Street will be improved to include a segregated cycle crossing. We will also create a new signal installation, including signals for cyclists. Due to a slight delay in sourcing materials for the paving works, we now estimate that this section of work will be completed by the end of June. However, the works at the junction with Great Ancoats Street will be completed as planned and the temporary lights and traffic management will be removed.
  • Area C (Old Mill St crossing). This section of work is now complete.
    The route through the marina will be a car free route through the new urban public realm/popular marina. During consultation phase two, feedback made it clear that routing cyclists and pedestrians together in this space was an unpopular decision, therefore cyclists are now routed around the marina via New Union Street, New Islington and Weybridge Road. At Old Mill Street an improved parallel zebra crossing is proposed over Old Mill Street, to create a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. The main part of this work is complete. Some of the remaining works, such as the installation of the ACO channel on Old Mill Street require a full closure of the road. To ensure that we minimise the disruption to traffic and to allow us to provide a suitable diversion route, we have agreed with the contractor that the works on Pollard Street will be completed first, which will then allow for the safe closure of Old Mill Street.
  • Area E (Redhill Street Crossing) - This section of work is now complete.
    A new parallel zebra crossing for pedestrians and cyclists on Redhill Street to provide a safe crossing point for all users, and a safer crossing point for New Islington Free School. A modal filter on Bengal Street is also planned, to prevent traffic using this as a rat-run and to provide a safe space to wait when crossing Redhill Street.

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