Zero carbon and climate change Let's take action on climate change

Action for residents

Here are some ideas, or you can check out the Manchester Climate Change Agency’s 15 actions.

Let’s repair, rather than replace, items 

By repairing our belongings - whether a car bumper, or those jeans that need adjusting - we’re saving money and the environment. 

Let’s eat less meat and dairy 

Meat and dairy have a very high carbon footprint, especially beef and lamb. Reduce your meat consumption and consider vegetarian or vegan options. 

Let’s avoid single-use plastics 

We've committed to removing avoidable SUPs from Manchester by 2038. Find out more about SUPs.

Let's leave the car at home 

Cars give out gases (like carbon dioxide) that are harmful to our lungs and our planet. Carbon dioxide is a major cause of climate change and air pollution. Reducing your vehicle emissions doesn’t just reduce pollution, but it can save you money too. 

We can live a wild life 

By letting our gardens grow as they please, we’re helping our planet and our neighbourhoods flourish. 

  • Insects and other minibeasts need safe spaces to shelter, hide from predators and raise their young. You can help them by building a bug hotel in your garden or outside area. Here’s how you can build a bug hotel
  • If you’re able to, try growing your own plants and food. This gives you more control over what ends up on your table and you’re saving the fuel needed to create the produce in factories and on the trip to the supermarket. 
  • Plants can supply natural drainage. By growing trees and plants, we’re reducing the possibility of waterlogging. 
  • What’s the most eco-friendly way to use water? Get it straight from the sky. You can get yourself a discounted rain water collector to sit in your garden through Save Water Save Money. 

Or, if you want to get more hands on in your local community, take a look at In Our Nature or contact your Neighbourhood Officer for more information about projects in your area. 

Go even further with your carbon saving 

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have created a new portal, Your Home Better, that offers advice on measures to help you achieve a more energy efficient, healthier and comfortable home. 

In your area

There are so many more ways we can save money and save our planet. Each Manchester ward has climate change officers and teams that are helping reduce our emissions. Find out more about what’s happening in your community in our Local Climate Change Action pages.

We are working with businesses, residents and partners to support people to gain the skills needed to deliver our zero carbon targets. Find out more about green skills and careers

Find out about other actions for businesses and organisations.

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