The Council and democracy Census 2021 - Housing Summary

The most common tenure type in Manchester are Owned properties at 37%, down from 38% in 2011. The second most common tenure type are Private Rented at 32%, up from 28%, and replacing Social Rented (32%) in 2011.

Tenure type Count
Total: All households     214,730
Owned     79,925
Owned: Owns outright     35,423
Owned: Owns with a mortgage or loan     44,502
Shared ownership     1,679
Social rented     63,276
Social rented: Rents from council or Local Authority     24,419
Social rented: Other social rented     38,857
Private rented     69,403
Private rented: Private landlord or letting agency     65,041
Private rented: Other private rented     4,362
Lives rent free     447

The most common accommodation type is semi-detached houses at 32% followed by purpose-built flats at 28%.  

Mains Gas is still the most common form of central heating at 67% but down from 74% in 2011, followed by Electric at 18% up from 15% in 2011.

Type of accommodation Count
Total: All households     214,732
Detached     11,603
Semi-detached     68,528
Terraced     60,020
In a purpose-built block of flats or tenement     60,411
Part of a converted or shared house, including bedsits     8,370
Part of another converted building, for example, former school, church or warehouse     3,837
In a commercial building, for example, in an office building, hotel or over a shop     1,771
A caravan or other mobile or temporary structure     192

43% of households have access to 1 car or van, up from 41% in 2011. 39% have no access, down from 45% in 2011, and18% have access to 2 or more cars or vans, up from 14% in 2011.  

Car and van availability Count
Total: All households     214,732
No cars or vans in household     83,770
1 car or van in household     92,267
2 cars or vans in household     31,611
3 or more cars or vans in household     7,084

Households in Manchester most commonly have between 3 rooms (28.4%) and 4 rooms (28.3%), and most commonly have 3 bedrooms (39.8%). Most residents in Manchester (91%) do not have a second address. 

Second Address, Purpose of Second Address and Communal Establishments by Age and Sex are resident counts. All other counts are of households.

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