The Council and democracy Census 2021 - Identity Summary

Census 2021 - Identity Summary


The majority of Manchester's residents (313,630) identify with the White ethnic group (57%) followed by the Asian ethnic group (115,113, 21%) and the Black ethnic group (65,891, 12%). 

A 21,479 decrease in residents identifying as White (-6%) and increases of 5,860 in residents selecting Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups and 12,887 selecting Other ethnic group has occurred since Census 2011. This is because many residents identify with one or more ethnic groups that have not been included in the options provided in the Census so have written in their ethnicity.

This table outlines the main ethnic groups in Manchester.

Ethnic Group Number of residents
Asian/Asian British     115,113
Black/Black British     65,891
Mixed     29,021
Other ethnic group     28,274
White     313,630


After English (434,289 residents aged 3+), the most common language spoken is Urdu (17,572) then Arabic (10,425). In 2011, 13,095 residents spoke Urdu and 7,037 Arabic. 

This table outlines the top 10 languages spoken in Manchester after English.

Main language Number of residents
English (and Welsh if in Wales)     434,289
Urdu     17,572
Arabic     10,425
Polish   6,471
Panjabi    4,591
Spanish     4,032
Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya)     3,367
Portuguese   3,239
Italian     3,142
Romanian     2,834
Persian or Farse     2,580


199,873 residents are recorded as Christian, a decrease from 245,247 in 2011 while those stating no religion 179,037, and Muslim 122,962 rose significantly. 

This table outlines the top 5 religions followed in Manchester.

Religion Number of residents
Christian     199,873
No religion     179,037
Muslim     122,962
Not answered     32,713
Hindu     6,048


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