Planning and regeneration A-Z of Listed Buildings in Manchester

Listed buildings in Manchester by street (L)

The street name is followed by listed buildings on that street, the grade of listing and the date of listing. Buildings are regularly added to the list and others are sometimes removed.


Ladybarn Lane, Fallowfield

  • Nos.1 to 9 (odd). Rose Cottages. Grade II. 21.7.72
  • Nos.96 and 98. Grade II. 21.7.72
  • No.130. Ladybarn Cottage (including no.16 Royle Street). Formerly listed as nos.130 and 132. Grade II. 21.7.72. (Amended 4.11.76.)
  • No.132. Grade II. 21.7.72
  • Nos.174 to 178 (even). Grade II. 21.7.72
  • No.180. Grade II. 21.7.72
  • No.188. Grade II. 21.7.72

Lapwing Lane, Didsbury West

  • Former Mercantile Bank of Lancashire (Barclay's Bank). Grade II. 9.8.88
  • Former Withington Town Hall. Grade II. 5.11.90

Laystall Street, City

  • No.32. Grade II. 6.6.94

Lees Street, Gorton

  • Gorton and Abbey Hey War Memorial, Junction of Constable and Lees Street. Grade II. 8.11.18

Lena Street, City

  • Former Horrocks, Crewsdon and Co. warehouse (including no.70 Dale Street). Grade II. 5.2.90

Lever Street

  • No.8. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.10. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.12 and 14. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.24. Watts Bros.. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Nos.69 to 77 (odd). Grade II. 3.10.74

Library Walk

  • Electricity Junction Box. Grade II. 30.5.18

Lincoln Square

  • Electricity Junction Box. Grade II. 30.5.18

Liverpool Road (north side)

  • Former market hall (Upper Campfield). Grade II. 17.5.74
  • K6 telephone kiosk beside south-west corner of no.330 Deansgate (formerly listed as near Upper Campfield Market). Grade II. 29.10.87
  • Science and Industry Museum (formerly listed as Former City Exhibition Hall - Lower Campfield.) Grade II. 17.5.74
  • Former Liverpool Road Railway Station and Station Masters House. Grade I. 18.12.63. (Amended 18.10.77.)
  • Old warehouse to north of Liverpool Road railway station. Grade I. 8.5.73. (Upgraded 18.12.81 and then regraded 6.6.94.)
  • Colonnaded railway viaduct at former Liverpool Road goods depot. Grade II. 18.12.73
  • Power Hall of Museum of Science and Industry. Grade II. 6.6.94

Liverpool Road (south side)

  • Nos.29 to 41 (odd). Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Former St. Matthews Sunday School. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.123. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • No.125. Commercial Hotel. Grade II. 6.6.94

Livesey Street, Miles Platting

  • Roman Catholic Church of St. Patrick. Grade II. 6.6.94

Lloyd Street

  • Nos.16 to 22 (even). Lloyd's House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Town Hall Extension. Grade II*. 3.10.74. (Upgraded 6.6.94.)

Lloyd Street North, Moss Side

  • Christ Church. Grade II*. 24.4.87

London Road

  • Former Police and Fire Station. Grade II*. 3.10.74. (Upgraded 27.7.93.)
  • Train shed at Piccadilly Station. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Former goods offices to Piccadilly Station. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Sculptural wall and sound buffer. Grade II. 10.6.11

Long Millgate

  • Chetham's Hospital and attached wall (formerly listed under Fennel Street). Grade I. 25.2.52
  • South-east wing to Chetham's Hospital (formerly Manchester Grammar School). Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Detached block of Schoolroom, approximately 20m south of Chetham's Hospital (formerly listed under Fennel Street). Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Fragment of Hyde's Cross, approximately 20m south of Chetham's Hospital (formerly listed under Fennel Street). Grade II. 3.10.74

Longley Lane, Northenden

  • Rose Hill. Grade II*. 11.4.91

Lower Byrom Street

  • Two bollards at west end of St. John's Passage. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, former Lower Byrom Street Warehouse. Grade II. 6.6.94

Lower Ormond Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock

  • Ormond Building, Manchester Polytechnic (formerly listed as Former Municipal Offices - Manchester Polytechnic). Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Former Manchester Ear Hospital. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • St.Augustine's RC Church. Grade II. 16.11.07

Lower Park Road, Rusholme

  • No.1. Greygarth Hall. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • No.3. Ward Hall. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.2. Park House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.8. Xaverian College (part of) and attached archway. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Marylands. Grade II. 6.6.94

Lower Vickers Street, Miles Platting

  • Victoria Mill. Grade II*. 29.11.88. (Upgraded 6.6.94.)
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