Planning and regeneration A-Z of Listed Buildings in Manchester

Listed buildings in Manchester by street (C)

The street name is followed by listed buildings on that street, the grade of listing and the date of listing. Buildings are regularly added to the list and others are sometimes removed.


Cable Street, Ancoats

  • No.8. Grade II. 6.6.94

Cambridge Street

  • Chorlton Old Mill. Formerly listed as Mill on SE corner of junction with Hulme Street. Grade II. 11.3.88
  • Chorlton New Mill and attached chimney. Grade II. 11.3.88
  • Mill on NE corner of junction with Chester Street. Grade II. 11.3.88

Carruthers Street, Beswick and Clayton

  • Bridge no.4 over Ashton Canal. Grade II. 6.6.94

Castle Street, Castlefield

  • Merchants Warehouse. Grade II. 20.6.88

Cateaton Street

  • No.14. Mynshull's House. Grade II. 20.6.88

Cathedral Yard

  • Mitre Hotel, including nos.1 and 2 Cathedral Gates and no.1 Cateaton Street. Grade II. 20.6.88

Cavendish Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock

  • Manchester Polytechnic refectory. Formerly listed as Chorlton Town Hall. Grade II. 25.2.52
  • Manchester Polytechnic School of Art. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Righton Building. Grade II. 11.6.91

Central Street

  • Nos.1 to 5 (odd). Grade II. 3.10.74

Chapel Street, City

  • Crusader Works. Grade II. 6.6.94

Chapel Walks, City

  • No.19. Prince's Chambers. Grade II. 6.6.94

Charles Street, City

  • Lass O' Gowrie Public House. Grade II. 6.6.94

Charlotte Street

  • No.10. Charlotte House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.12. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.14 and 16. Austin House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.34. Lindencort House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.36. Fraser House. Grade II. 3.10.74

Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham

  • No.19. Former Synagogue. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.95 (Knowsley Hotel), and no.97. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.107. Former Cheetham Town Hall. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.109. Former Annexe to Cheetham Town Hall. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Roman Catholic Church of St. Chad, and St. Chad's Presbytery. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Churchyard walls of Roman Catholic Church of St. Chad. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Former Free Library. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.190. Manchester Jewish Museum. Formerly listed as New Synagogue. Grade II*. 3.10.74. (Upgraded 29.7.80.)
  • Ruins of Church of St. Luke. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Churchyard railings of St. Luke's. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.384. Hot Shots snooker club. Grade II. 11.2.93
  • Crumpsall and Cheetham District Library, with attached railings. Grade II. 3.10.74

Cheetham Park, Cheetham

  • Bandstand. Grade II. 6.6.94

Chepstow Street

  • Nos.16 to 20 (even). Chepstow House. Grade II. 28.6.74
  • No.127. Peveril of the Peak Public House. Grade II. 20.6.88
  • No.3. Canada House. Grade II. 20.6.88

Chester Road

  • Middle Warehouse. Grade II. 5.6.90
  • Former Bridgewater Canal offices. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Church of St. George. Grade II*. 3.10.74
  • Churchyard walls, gate piers and gates to Church of St. George. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.215 to 219 (odd). Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Turville Public House. Grade II. 6.6.94

Chester Street

  • Dalton statue. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Chatham Mill. Grade II. 11.3.88

Chichester Road, Hulme

  • Mecca Social Club (Hulme Hippodrome). Grade II. 8.6.77
  • BBC Playhouse (Hulme Hippodrome). Grade II. 8.6.77
  • St. Mary's Junior School. Grade II. 23.4.81
  • Playground wall of St. Mary's Junior School. Grade II. 23.4.81
  • Chapel Building, Loreto College. Grade II. 29.11.01

Chorlton Green, Chorlton-cum-Hardy

  • Gatehouse and bell turret. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.10. Higginbottom Farmhouse. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Chorlton Street No.37. Churchill Public House. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • No.39. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • No.45. Mintierna House. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • No.47. Minshull House. Grade II. 8.5.90

Church Lane, Harpurhey

  • Christ Church. Grade II. 20.6.88

Church Street, City Centre

  • Unicorn Hotel, No. 26. Grade II. 28.6.19

City Road, Hulme

  • North Hulme Centre. Grade II. 6.6.94

Cleveland Road, Crumpsall

  • Church of St. Matthew with St. Mary. Grade II. 9.5.03

Cobden Street, Harpurhey

  • Church of the Holy Trinity. Grade II. 20.6.88

College Road, Whalley Range

  • G.M.B. National College. Formerly listed as Lancashire Independent College. Grade II*. 3.10.74. (Upgraded 6.6.94.)
  • Entrance gateway and gates to G.M.B. National College. Grade II. 3.10.74

Constable Street, Gorton

  • Gorton and Abbey Hey War Memorial, Junction of Constable and Lees Street. Grade II. 8.11.18

Conyngham Road, Rusholme

  • Church of St. Chrysostom. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Dalton Hall with attached forecourt walls. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.2. Grade II. 3.10.74

Cooper Street

  • No.9. Waldorf House. Formerly Oscar's Public House. Grade II. 3.10.74

Corporation Street

  • No.109. Parkers Hotel. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Co-operative Wholesale Society main block. Grade II. 20.6.88
  • Co-operative Wholesale Society building to north of junction with Hanover Street. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Ashton House. Grade II. 16.5.88
  • New Century House (including conference hall and abstract stone relief to entrance hall). Grade II. 24.11.95

Coupland Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock

  • No.3. Pharmacy Department, Department of Adult Education, University of Manchester. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Manchester University Rutherford Building & Hopkinson Memorial Wing. Grade II. 19.10.11

Crab Lane (east side), Blackley

  • Nos.136 to 142 (even). Grade II. 4.10.73
  • Nos.2 to 8 (even). Pleasant View. Grade II. 4.10.73
  • Nos.162 to 172 (even). Grade II. 4.10.73

Crab Lane (west side), Blackley

  • No.113. Grade II. 29.10.73

Cross Street (west side)

  • Nos.28 to 34 (even). Alliance House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.52 and 54. Chop House Public House, including no.3. St. Ann's Churchyard. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.62 to 68 (even). Eagle House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.86. Anglia House. Grade II. 3.10.74
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