Planning and regeneration A-Z of Listed Buildings in Manchester

Listed buildings in Manchester by street (A)

The street name is followed by listed buildings on that street, the grade of listing and the date of listing. Buildings are regularly added to the list and others are sometimes removed.


Albermarle Avenue, Withington

  • No.14. Park Cottage. Grade II. 4.12.74

Albert Square

  • No.1. Abbey National. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.16. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.17 and 18. Carlton House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Nos.20 and 21. St. Andrew's Chambers. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Fraser's statue. Grade II. 3.9.74
  • Bright's statue. Grade II. 3.9.74
  • Albert Memorial. Grade I. 18.12.63
  • Heywood's statue. Grade II. 3.9.74
  • Gladstone's statue. Grade II. 3.9.74
  • Fountain (Jubilee). Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Town Hall. Grade I. 25.2.52

Albion Street

  • Nos.13 to 17. Grade II. 3.10.74

Alexandra Road, Fallowfield

  • Hartley Hall and attached railings and gates. Formerly listed as Hartley Victoria College. Grade II. 3.10.74

Alexandra Road South, Fallowfield

  • Church of English Martyrs. Grade II. 6.6.94

Alexandra Road South, Whalley Range

  • Church of St. Edmund. Grade II. 13.7.87
  • St. Bede's College. Grade II. 3.10.74

Altrincham Road, Sharston

  • Sharston Mount. Grade II. 3.10.74

Anson Road, Rusholme

  • No.16. Eaglesfield. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.17 The Rampant Lion Public House and attached screen wall. Formerly listed as Milverton Lodge. Grade II. 2.5.73

Ardwick Green North, Ardwick

  • Drill Hall. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.27. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.29. Milford House. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • No.31. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Former Church of St. Thomas. Grade II. 3.10.74
  • Railings of Ardwick Green Park. Grade II. 3.10.74

Ardwick Green Park, Ardwick

  • War Memorial. Grade II. 6.6.94

Ardwick Green South, Ardwick

  • Mile post beside railings of Ardwick Green Park. Grade II. 6.6.94

Ashton Canal (Beswick and Clayton)

  • Lock no.1, immediately east of Great Ancoats Street. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock-keeper's cottage, beside Lock no.2 at Islington branch junction basin. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Towpath bridge over junction with Islington branch canal, west of Lock no.2. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.2, off south end of Vesta Street. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.3, on south side of Ancoats Hospital. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.6, immediately east of Forge Lane. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.7 and associated Roving Bridge (immediately east of Mill Street Bridge). Grade II. 11.4.91
  • Lock keeper's cottage at Lock no.7 (south side). Grade II. 11.4.91
  • Bridge no.9, over Ashton Canal (Mill Street Bridge) at west end of Lock no.7. Grade II. 11.4.91
  • Lock no.8, to south-east of Ashton New Road. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.9, immediately east of Clayton Lane Bridge. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.10, between Clayton Lane Bridge and Stockport Junction. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.11, at east end of Stockport Junction Basin. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.12, between Stockport Junction and Crabtree Lane. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.13, at Crabtree Lane swing-bridge. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.14, between Crabtree Lane and Edge Lane. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Lock no.15, approx 100 metres west of Edge Lane. Grade II. 6.6.94
  • Towpath Bridge over junction with Stockport branch canal. Grade II. 6.6.94

Ashton New Road, Beswick and Clayton

  • Church of St. Cross. Grade II*. 18.12.63 (Regraded 6.6.94.)
  • Clayton Hall. Grade II*. 25.2.52
  • Bridge over moat to Clayton Hall. Grade II. 6.6.94

Aytoun Street

  • Grand Hotel. Grade II. 20.10.87
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