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Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed with flowers

Japanese knotweed is a rapid growing weed which spreads and overwhelms other garden plants. How to identify:

  • green shovel shaped leaves;
  • stem is bamboo like in appearance;
  • produces white flowers around September or October.

What you should know

  • it is the landowner's responsibility to control these plants but they don't have to remove them;
  • you should not try to remove or dispose of them as it could cause the plant to spread, which is an offence;
  • you can't dispose of Japanese knotweed in your green bin (garden waste) or take it to the tip (household recycling centre) it must be disposed of as controlled waste; 
  • refer to the Environment Agency (external link) for further information.

If you are worried about Japanese Knotweed spreading from a neighbouring property, speak to the land owner in the first instance.

We make every effort to contain the spread of Japanese knotweed on public land.

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