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Manchester's RADEQUAL Campaign

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RADEQUAL is Manchester’s campaign to build community resilience. Hear one of our partners, Mike from The Common Sense Network, talk about it.


The campaign was launched in 2016 and was co-designed with communities, for communities and has three key principles referred to as the three C’s, which build on the Our Manchester approach:

CHALLENGE - Identifying and understanding the concerns and challenges across and within communities that could create divisions and tensions – not just the stats and research, but also the less obvious causes of tension, such as events and incidents and people's attitudes and behaviours.

CONNECT - Connecting communities, groups and organisations, and building relationships to create a network of credible voices - not just those who are new to the community, but also long-standing residents who are willing to come and make a difference together.

CHAMPION - Championing Manchester’s radical reputation for campaigning for equality and inclusion and celebrating diversity – not just by focusing on what we have in common, but by preparing people for difficult debates, and asking the tough questions that help to build critical thinking and resilience in communities against all forms of extremism and safeguard those most vulnerable.