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'Let's Talk About It' - a RADEQUAL funded project created by The Common Sense Network.

'Lets Talk About It' is an exciting new project and resource which looks to engage all communities in honest and often difficult conversations.  The podcast series aims to provide a safe space online for people to come together to listen and engage on the things that are current and of interest to communities.

The series includes exploration of the following themes:

  1. Nationalism and British Identity (exploring what both are and how these have changed and what are the drivers etc)
  2. Fake News - what is it and how do we counter or think more critically 
  3. Islamophobia - what is it, what does it look like, what are the drivers, what can we do?
  4. Rise of the XRW - what is the current picture and issues being used to drive hate and division
  5. Race discrimination - responding to racist remarks
  6. Freedom of speech - Hate vs Free speech

If you are interested in these topics or looking for a resource to start a conversation give them a listen!


'Blame and Belonging' - a video resource produced by Oddarts as part of the RADEQUAL Grant Programme

Blame and Belonging’ is an interactive theatre performance and workshop designed to encourage meaningful debate around issues of hate, identity, and vulnerability. 

As well as delivering live theatre sessions Oddarts created a video for RADEQUAL which can be used in schools and youth and community settings to explore the following themes using drama and discussion:

Scene 1:  The adult influencer

Scene 2:  Identity and vulnerability

Scene 3:  Challenging hate

Click here to watch


Manchester Youth Zone - 'It's Time to Make a Change' peer to peer youthwork resources

MYZ heads up the North Manchester Youth Partnership, which has one goal: helping young people across North Manchester.

This network of organisations is changing the game for young people from a wide range of backgrounds, giving them a shot at sport, art, drama, employability training, and social and emotional support.

Alongside Ray Douglas of Sociological the staff and young people at MYZ created a toolkit of RADEQUAL Grant funded resources and session plans which aim to build community resilience to hateful extremism 

Check out MYZ's RADEQUAL website