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Grants Programme


The RADEQUAL Grant Programme was co-designed with communities and itsaim is to build resilience to hateful extremism - ideas, attitudes and behaviours that are hateful towards specific ‘others’ and designed to undermine social cohesion.

The following organisations are our current RADEQUAL VCS Partners who are delivering grant activity in 2022-23:

  • Oddarts - Manchester based theatre company delivering interactive drama workshops on difficult topics
  • The Common Sense Network - an independent online platform championing diverse commentators and providing ‘both sides’ to topical news stories
  • Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation - preventing and resolving conflict through peacebuilding, dialogue, and conflict resolution
  • M13 Youth Project - youth provision and specialists in detached youth work
  • Solutions Not Sides - an education programme providing humanising encounters, diverse narratives and critical-thinking tools to promote dialogue and conflict resolution, and challenge prejudice.

Please reach out to them if you want to get involved in their RADEQUAL projects 

If you have any questions about the Grant please contact us at


Artwork from Oddarts RADEQUAL 2022-23 project 'Hear don't Fear'