Online services unavailable

Due to maintenance, some council tax, benefits and business rates pages will be unavailable. We are currently working to get these services back online as soon as possible.


Statistics overview

Reliable performance is important in order to encourage and maintain the usage of quality web-based services. Our aim is to have the Manchester City Council website available for use at all times throughout the year.

This is not always possible due to essential maintenance, but we are committed to making our site available as close to 100% as possible.

Website availability and performance statistics for 2021.
Month Pages Viewed Unique Visitors
January 9171034 0
February 8254242 0
March 9828456 0
April 9441746 0
May 10330534 0
June 10979577 0
July 10888883 0
August 10369310 0
September 10232980 0
October 10091631 0
November 9679418 0
December 9657634 0

Unique Visitors: This figure represents the number of unique visitors during the relevant period. This means that any visitor who has already been to the site during this period is not counted again.

Pages Viewed: This figure represents the total number of pages requested from the web site. If a visitor visits a page more than once during the same session or in the relevant period, it is re-counted.