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Crime, antisocial behaviour & nuisance Anti-social behaviour

We are determined to help residents lead peaceful lives free from harassment and aggravation from a minority of anti-social people.

We deal with complaints from Manchester homeowners and private tenants free of charge and will deal quickly and efficiently with troublemakers using a range of solutions and legal powers.

We can help with:

  • loud music from residential premises
  • use or threatened use of violence
  • abusive or foul language
  • hate crimes such as domestic violence, homophobic or racist language or behaviour
  • damage to property

If you are a tenant of a registered social housing provider or registered social landlord contact them directly.

If the anti-social behaviour puts you, your family and your property in immediate danger, you should contact the Police on 999.

We can also help if you are having problems with general noise problems such as persistent noise from a business or a construction site, loud music from a bar or a club, or everyday things like noisy dogs or alarms ringing.

Report anti-social behaviour


Environmental Protection Act 1990 

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