Crime, antisocial behaviour and nuisance Anti-social behaviour (ASB) support

Antisocial behaviour (ASB)

We are determined to help you lead a peaceful life, free from any harassment and distress caused by a minority of anti-social people.

If you are a tenant of a registered housing provider, please contact them directly. If you don't live in Manchester, please contact the council you pay council tax to.

We deal with complaints from Manchester homeowners and private tenants free of charge, quickly dealing with troublemakers and using a range of solutions to protect our most vulnerable residents from harm. In most cases we will resolve reports informally and without the need to use any legal powers.

Noise problems:

If you are experiencing general noise problems such as domestic noise, loud music, persistent noise from a business or a construction site, or everyday things like barking dogs or ringing alarms, then use the report a noise problem form.

Types of ASB

We can investigate antisocial behaviour caused by individuals, with incidents such as:

  • hate crimes and hate incidents;
  • use or threatened use of violence;
  • repeated abusive language or behaviour;
  • harassment;  
  • damage to property; and
  • domestic abuse and violence.

Report antisocial behaviour


If the antisocial behaviour puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger, you should contact the police on 999. If you have witnessed a crime (non-emergency) please contact the police on 101.

Neighbour disputes

We recommend that you consider mediation for the following type of issues:

  • actions that we are likely to consider to be normal everyday activities or household noise;
  • actions which amount to people generally being unpleasant to each other;
  • legally parked vehicles;
  • children playing ball games, unless the children are also engaged in associated ASB; or
  • problems caused by your neighbour's pets, not including dangerous or barking dogs - see more detail about dogs and problem dogs.

Request mediation for self referral

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