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Crime, antisocial behaviour & nuisance Anti-social behaviour

We are determined to help you lead a peaceful life, free from any harassment and distress caused by a minority of anti-social people.

We deal with complaints from Manchester homeowners and private tenants free of charge, quickly dealing with troublemakers and using a range of solutions to protect our most vulnerable residents from harm. In most cases we will resolve reports informally and without the need to use any legal powers.

If you are a tenant of a registered housing provider, please contact them directly.

If you do not live in Manchester please contact the Local Authority you pay council tax too.

We can investigate anti-social behaviour caused by known individuals, with incidents such as:

  • repeat occasions of loud music;
  • use or threatened use of violence;
  • repeated abusive language or behaviour;
  • hate crimes such as domestic violence, homophobic or racist language or behaviour;  
  • damage to property.

We will make a record of the following types of reports and regularly review the information with partners (such as Greater Manchester Police) to help determine where we and wider Community Safety Partnership should focus our resources:

  • anti-social behaviour caused by individuals who are unknown to you;
  • off road bikes;
  • skateboarding.

If you have already made a complaint of anti-social behaviour you could request an ASB Case Review - however this can only be done if the following has been met. Three complaints of anti-social behaviour in the last six months. Each of these three complaints must have been made within one month of each of the incidents taking place. We may also consider:

  • The persistency of the anti-social behaviour;
  • The harm or potential harm caused by the anti-social behaviour;  
  • The adequacy of the response.

The ASB Case Review can be requested by a person, including a third party on behalf of a victim, provided the victim consents to information being shared with the third party along with other relevant organisations or bodies.


If the anti-social behaviour puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger, you should contact the police on 999.

If you have witnessed a crime (non-emergency) please contact the police on 101.

Neighbour disputes

We recommend that you consider contacting the Council’s Mediation Service for free and impartial advice for the following type of issues:

  • occasional incidents of loud music;
  • vehicles noise, not including car alarms - report these as general noise problems;
  • legally parked vehicles;
  • children playing ball games, not incidents that cause damage to property or serious intimidation - report those incidents as anti-social behaviour;
  • problems caused by your neighbour’s pets, not including dangerous or barking dogs - report these as problem dog issues.

Noise problems

We can help if you are experiencing general noise problems such as persistent noise from a business or a construction site, to everyday things like noisy dogs or alarm ringing.

Report a noise problem

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