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Environmental problems Imported foods

Importing food and feed via Manchester airport

When you import food or animal feed commercially, you need to know about regulations that apply to specific products and also more general rules about things such as labelling and additives. Failure to comply with UK and EU hygiene and safety rules could cause delay in shipments, increase costs and require action to be taken by enforcement authorities.

The main types of food that are imported through Manchester Airport are fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. They are highly perishable products and are transported by air freight to ensure that they remain fresh and marketable when they reach their final destination.

If you are an importer who wants to import products of animal origin (POAO) and certain products of non-animal origin (NAO) which originate or are dispatched from a non-EU country into the UK or other EU state via Manchester Airport - refer to the relevant legislation for further information.  

We offer a 24/7 reactive service for importers of the specified products and produce through Manchester Airport this is subject to you as an importer or your agent submitting the correct documentation - you will be charged for this service.



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