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Importing products of animal origin (POAO)

We are responsible for enforcing the The Trade in Animals and Related Products Regulations 2011 and ensuring that products of animal origin comply with import conditions contained within European Legislation.  With a few exceptions, most products of animal origin may only be imported from approved establishments in approved countries.

You must notify the Boarder Inspection Post, by ringing us, prior to the arrival of the consignment and before it is unloaded from the aircraft. Failure to do so may lead to its rejection.

The agent/importer must present the original documentation relating to the consignment to the Border Inspection Post Officer without undue delay. The documentation that is required includes:

  • A completed Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED);
  • Health Certificate - this must be the original document, a copy is not acceptable;
  • Air waybill;
  • Invoices and packing lists (if available);
  • Any other relevant accompanying documentation;
  • Specific products may require additional documentation.

Upon arrival the consignment must be presented to the Border Inspection Post (BIP) to enable it to be inspected by the Official Veterinary Surgeon (OVS) or Official Fish Inspector (OFI) as appropriate. 

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