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Public Intelligence Population Publications

A01 Manchester Factsheet January 2014

A02 2013 MYE by age for Manchester (rounded)

A02a 2013 MYE for Manchester summary note

A03a 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - total (no.)

A03ai 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - total (%)

A03b 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - males (no.)

A03bi 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - males (%)

A03c 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - females (no.)

A03ci 2012 Mid Year Estimate by age for wards - females (%)

A04 Internal Migration 2011

A05 2008 Disability by Type

A06a 2011-based Interim Population Projections by age

A06b 2011-based Interim Population Projections by age - males

A06c 2011-based Interim Population Projections by age - females

A06d 2011-based Population Projections - components of change

A07 Ethnic Groups at ward level 2011

A11 Profile of Children in Manchester, 2014

A12 Profile of Older People in Manchester, 2013

A15 Manchester City Centre Population 2011

A16 Manchester Ward Boundaries

A17 2011 Ethnic Groups by broad age and sex

A20 1086-2012 Manchester Population

A22 2012 MYE ward area and density

A23 Ethnic group estimates 2001-11 for Manchester

A25 Population change in Core Cities 2011-2012

Public Intelligence 2011 Census

Q01 2011 ward population in Manchester

Q02 2011 Census Manchester dashboard

Q03c 2011 Census North Manchester SRF Dashboard

Q03a 2011 Census Central Manchester SRF Dashboard

Q03b 2011 Census East Manchester SRF Dashboard

Q03d 2011 Census South Manchester SRF Dashboard

Q03e 2011 Census Wythenshawe SRF Dashboard

Q03f 2011 Census Central Manchester CCG Dashboard

Q03g 2011 Census North Manchester CCG Dashboard

Q03h 2011 Census South Manchester CCG Dashboard

Q04a 2011 Census Ancoats and Clayton Dashboard

Q04b 2011 Census Ardwick Dashboard

Q04c 2011 Census Baguley Dashboard

Q04d 2011 Census Bradford Dashboard

Q04e 2011 Census Brooklands Dashboard

Q04f 2011 Census Burnage Dashboard

Q04g 2011 Census Charlestown Dashboard

Q04h 2011 Census Cheetham Dashboard

Q04i 2011 Census Chorlton Dashboard

Q04j 2011 Census Chorlton Park Dashboard

Q04k 2011 Census City Centre Dashboard

Q04l 2011 Census Crumpsall Dashboard

Q04m 2011 Census Didsbury East Dashboard

Q04n 2011 Census Didsbury West Dashboard

Q04o 2011 Census Fallowfield Dashboard

Q04p 2011 Census Gorton North Dashboard

Q04q 2011 Census Gorton South Dashboard

Q04r 2011 Census Harpurhey Dashboard

Q04s 2011 Census Higher Blackley Dashboard

Q04t 2011 Census Hulme Dashboard

Q04u 2011 Census Levenshulme Dashboard

Q04v 2011 Census Longsight Dashboard

Q04w 2011 Census Miles Platting and Newton Heath

Q04x 2011 Census Moss Side Dashboard

Q04y 2011 Census Moston Dashboard

Q04z 2011 Census Northenden Dashboard

Q04zi 2011 Census Old Moat Dashboard

Q04zii 2011 Census Rusholme Dashboard

Q04ziii 2011 Census Sharston Dashboard

Q04ziv 2011 Census Whalley Range Dashboard

Q04zv 2011 Census Withington Dashboard

Q04zvi 2011 Census Woodhouse Park Dashboard

Q05a 2011 Census Summary Ward Factsheet

Q05b 2011 Census Summary Ethnic Group

Q05c 2011 Census Summary Religion

Q05d 2011 Census Summary English as Main Language

Q05e 2011 Census Summary Country of Birth

Q05f 2011 Census Summary Year of Arrival

Q05g 2011 Census Summary General Health

Q05h 2011 Census Summary Long-term Health Problem or Disability

Q05i 2011 Census Summary Persons per Bedroom

Q05j 2011 Census Summary Provision of Unpaid Care

Q05k 2011 Census Summary Tenure

Q05l 2011 Census Summary Tenure - residents aged 65 and over

Q05m 2011 Census Summary Qualifications

Q05o 2011 Census Summary Student Age International Migrants

Q05p 2011 Census Ward Overview

Q05q 2011 Census Summary Workday population

Q05r Characteristics of workers in workplace zones in Manchester v1.2

Q05s 2011 Census Briefing Headline results from 2011 Census OD data

M06 2011 Census Topic Paper Travel to work Manchester v1

M11 2011 Census Topic Paper Migration Manchester v1.1

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