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To reach net zero by 2050, we need to increase the proportion of our heat generated by Heat Networks from around 3% to around 18%. This means increasing the number of Heat Networks, decarbonising them and making the existing ones more efficient.  

Zero emission electricity in our energy networks will see big growth with its increasingly important role in heating, transport and industrial systems. 

Take a look at some of the roles undertaken by the 45,000 people who work in the energy networks across the UK and Ireland. Find out more about careers in energy

Energy sector in Manchester 

Homes and businesses will be made greener as investment grows in low-carbon energy. One area of growth will be the increase in the use of Heat Networks, which include cost effective, low carbon heat in the form of hot water or steam, from a central source. They avoid the need for households and workplaces to have individual, energy-intensive heating, such as gas boilers. 

In Manchester we have recently installed the Civic Quarter Heat Network, which is a way of providing efficient, environmentally-friendly heat and power to some city centre buildings including the: 

  • Town Hall 
  • Town Hall Extension and Central Library 
  • Manchester Central Convention Centre 
  • Bridgewater Hall 
  • Heron House 

There will be an opportunity to gain skills and employment as the number of heat networks in Manchester grows.  

Roles will include: 

  • Electrician 
  • Commercial energy assessor 
  • Cable jointer, Overhead Lines person, electrical fitter 
  • Smart Meter Installer 
  • Installation and maintenance of digital home technologies 
  • Renewable energy development and distribution 

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Pathways into the Energy sector 

Jobs in this sector include electricians and network/ grid engineers. There are apprenticeship pathways within the energy sector from level 2 to level 7.  

Other important skills needed include:  

  • Project management  
  • Customer service  
  • Digital skills relating to smart systems  
  • Data management  
  • Analytics 
  • Software development skills. 

Apprenticeships linked to this sector include:  

  • Power Network Craft person apprenticeship 
  • Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer apprenticeship 
  • Maintenance and Operations engineering Technician apprenticeship 

Other training related to this sector include:  

  • L2 Electrical Installations  
  • L3 Electrical Installations 

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