Homes and property Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

Check if you need a licence and apply

If your property is a HMO you may need a licence to rent it out. A separate licence is required for each property. You must also reapply if your licence has expired.

You should apply even if you are unsure as you may be fined if you don't have a reasonable excuse.

Mandatory HMO licence

A landlord must have a licence for a privately rented HMO if the property being rented out:

  • is occupied by five or more people;
  • those people form two or more households;
  • tenants share some amenities like kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Properties required to be licensed need to meet certain standards.

If you have lodgers

If you or your family live with three or more lodgers, you may require a HMO licence, for further information please contact us.

Variation of a HMO

If there are changes to your circumstances after the licence has been granted, you will need to apply for a variation of HMO to account for the changes.

Apply for a variation of a HMO licence

Temporary Exemption of a HMO

We have the power to grant a temporary exemption for licensing when a landlord takes steps to remove a property from the licensing requirements.

Apply for a temporary exemption of a HMO licence

Other licences you should be aware of

You need a selective licence to rent out property in specific areas in the city. Check to see if you need a selective licence.

Additional HMO licensing

We don't currently have an additional licensing scheme.

By law, we must licence all privately rented HMOs that are housing five or more persons forming two or more households.

We can also decide to extend licensing to smaller HMOs which don't meet the mandatory HMO licensing criteria and where problems with management and property condition have been found.

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