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Social services What young people say about fostering


I’m now 15 years old and was 12 when I was taken into care. Meeting my foster carers for the first time was scary, but they were really cheerful, and as time went by I settled more and more.

At first I’d shovel my food into my mouth, but I don’t do that any more as I know I’ll always have enough to eat. Since being fostered I’ve shot up by 32cm (I’m now over six foot tall!) and gained 23 kilos.

Sometimes, it’s the little things your carers do for you that make you feel better. One of the first things they did was buy new shoes to replace my leaky size 5 shoes. We were surprised to find I was a size 8 – I’d been wearing shoes three sizes too small!

One Christmas they bought me an electric drum kit for my bedroom, and organised lessons. Maybe one day I’ll even go to rock school. My foster carers treat me like someone my age and I feel like I can talk to them. I’m much more confident now. I can talk to people and I even chair my own review meetings. My foster carers always celebrate my achievements and they’re proud of how I’ve learned to stand up for myself.

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer, I’d say go for it. You will change lots of children’s lives, and it will be a huge, life-changing experience for you too.

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