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Social services What young people say about fostering


I arrived in the UK in 2008, not understanding a word of English and scared of what would happen and where I would end up living. When Manchester’s social services introduced me to my foster carers I was immediately welcomed by every member of the family. They gave me my own room and bought me new clothes. They took me to the dentist, optician and registered me with a GP.

My foster family did everything they could to help me settle in – they taught me to communicate in English by taking their time to explain things, and they enrolled me in school then later, college.

After a few months I began to understand everybody and participate more in family activities like going to the gym and swimming pool. My foster parents helped me to get a part-time job in town which helped me build my language skills and confidence, as well as take responsibility for earning and managing my own money.

I came from a very different background to my foster family but they have always been respectful towards my religion and culture, which has built so much love and respect between us.

My foster family helped me to choose and pursue the right path for me - I’m currently completing my second year of a Business and Economics degree at Salford University.

I can honestly say living with a foster family has changed my life for the better. I can’t find the words to thank them enough for being who they are and supporting me through everything. They gave me a home, knowledge, a job and a family. Without their support I wouldn’t be here. I’m proud to be a part of the family and will love them always.

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