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Consultations & surveys Manchester to Chorlton cycling and walking route proposals

Work has started on a Greater Manchester network of safe, high-quality joined-up cycling and walking routes.

Earlier this year, Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, unveiled an innovative new plan, created by the ten local authorities, for a city-region-wide cycling and walking network.

The network is made up of more than 1,000 miles of routes, including 75 miles of fully segregated bike lanes, and will be the largest joined-up system of walking and cycling routes in the UK. Once built, the network will better connect every community in Greater Manchester, benefiting 2.7million people and making cycling and walking a real alternative to the car. For more information visit

The Manchester to Chorlton route:

Costing approximately £13.4million and funded through the Government’s Cycle City Ambition Grant and the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund, this project will create a route that includes large sections of segregation between people travelling on foot or by bike and other traffic from Chorlton Park to Manchester.

The 5km route will run along Barlow Moor Road, Manchester Road, Upper Chorlton Road and Chorlton Road, linking with existing routes and continuing to the city centre. Chorlton will be one of the first routes to be built and will provide a high-quality, segregated link between Chorlton and Manchester city centre, making it safer, more attractive and easier to get around.

For this consultation we have split the route up in to four sections:

The closing date for the consultation is 25 January 2019.

We know from previous consultations that changes to road layouts usually raises the same issues, such as:

The impact on local roads:
If the feedback from this consultation raises local concerns, measures will be developed to mitigate these issues. These might include adding traffic calming or speed reduction features to local roads.
Drainage problems:
All roadside drains will be fully inspected and, if needed, repaired as part of this scheme.
The impact to on-street parking will be assessed and we will come up with solutions for these where needed. If you think there are particular areas where this will be an issue, please include these details in your response.
This money would be better spent improving road surfaces for all users:
The money for this scheme can only be used for improvements to encourage walking and cycling, and this will include some localised surfacing work. This work will not reduce the amount of money available for general road surface repairs.

If you would like to provide any images or sketches you can email them to us at:

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