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Local authorities are now able to apply for powers to enforce laws against Moving Traffic Offences. Previously these powers could only be enforced by the police.

We would like to be able to gain these powers so that we can target key areas in the city to:

  • Make roads safer for those walking and cycling
  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve journey times
  • Improve air quality, supporting our zero-carbon target
  • Increased safety and cleaner air around schools – camera enforced school streets schemes are proven to have a positive effect

To gain these powers we need to carry out a consultation with residents and road users to gain views.

What are Moving Traffic Offences

The main offences we are targeting at this stage are:

Banned left or right turns – when a driver ignores signs informing them which direction they should take. Ignoring these can be dangerous and could result in an accident.


Banned left turn sign

Banned right turn sign

Yellow box junctions – crisscross lines painted at carriageways to help aid the flow of traffic and keep spaces free for emergency vehicles.

The full list of offences we will be looking to target are listed in the appendix. Download Appendix 1 showing the restrictions that can be enforced

Target areas

Whilst the powers allow enforcement across the city, we want to focus on the areas that are creating the most problems. To guide this, we carried out a two-week camera survey on 15 locations using the following criteria:

  • Key routes – priority weighting is given to locations on the key route network
  • Traffic flows – the greater the traffic flows the greater the weighting given
  • Accident data – priority was given to sites having the worst accident record to support road safety benefits
  • Public transport routes – locations on a public transport route were prioritised
  • Bee network routes – these locations were priorities for cyclist safety reasons
  • Proximity to schools – these locations were weighted more to support road safety of children

From this survey seven target areas have been chosen to take forward for consultation with residents and road users, including:

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