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Planning & regeneration General Evidence

You may be interested in the following documents if you want to understand the evidence that shaped the overall direction of the Core Strategy policies.

The Greater Manchester Forecasting Model (GMFM) is an integrated economic, population and forecasting model focused on the Manchester City Region. It is provided to AGMA by Oxford Economics/Regional Forecasts (OE/RF),who have developed the model to be readily updateable and AGMA is committed to annual updates in April of each year .

Greater Manchester Strategy (2009)  The Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) published in 2009 was the response to the Manchester Independant Economic Review . It has now been revised by the Greater Manchester Strategy 2013.

Manchester's Sustainable Community Strategy 2006-2015 underpinned the Core Strategy but has been updated by the Community Strategy Refresh 2012-2015 which  provides the high level policy and budget-setting framework for the council.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) provided a framework for all the separate existing infrastructure investment plans, in order to demonstrate their deliverability in the context of future development set out in the Core Strategy.

Design for Access 2 is Manchester City Councils best practice guidance of inclusive design standards.

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