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Airport Evidence

If you want to see the evidence that shaped the Core Strategy Airport policies you may wish to look at the following documents. These were prepared by The Manchester Airport Group to support the case to expand Manchester Airport to accommodate further growth in passenger numbers to 2027. 

The Airport Masterplan (2007) and Manchester Airport – The Need for Land (June 2010) looks at land use matters.

The Economic Impact of the MAG Airports: Update Report ( York Aviation, June 2008) looks at the economic impact of Airport expansion.

The Buck Report to Manchester City Council considers the impact on freight.

The Environmental Evidence Study Part 1 Environmental Baseline (Axis January 2011) and Environmental Evidence Study Part 2 Environmental Appraisal (Axis July 2010) consider the environmental impact of expansion.

The Green Belt Review (Entec July2010) looks at removing the airport form the green belt.

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