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Enforcement - different steps


If you feel that road safety in and around your school is not improving then these are the steps that can be taken.


Step 1. The school should report road safety issues via the website under the Road Safety tab. 

Step2 . To request enforcement action, the school must have evidence that they have carried out.  

Step 3. We will contact the school and carry out a site visit to assess the problem.  

Step 4. If appropriate, the school will be included on the next available slot for enforcement action and the head teacher will be informed.  

Step 5. A Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will visit the school at peak times and take any necessary action. This may involve repeat visits.  

Step 6. The school will be taken off the list once the problem has been resolved or has significantly improved. Information will be fed back to the head teacher.  

Step 7. If the presence of a CEO does not improve the situation, then consideration will be given to using the CCTV vehicle.  

Step 8. If the situation does not improve, or recurs, the school may decide contact the police.

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