The Council and democracy State of the city report 2019

The Our Manchester Strategy (2016-2025) sets out our long-term vision for Manchester’s future and provides a framework for action by us and our partners across the city. The overarching vision is for Manchester to be in the top flight of world-class cities in 2025. It will be a city:

  • with a competitive, dynamic and sustainable economy that draws on its distinctive strengths in science, advanced manufacturing, culture, creative and digital business to cultivate and encourage new ideas
  • with highly skilled, enterprising and industrious people
  • that is connected, internationally and within the UK
  • that plays its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change
  • where residents from all backgrounds feel safe, can aspire, succeed and live well
  • that is clean, attractive, culturally rich, outward-looking and welcoming.

Every year we will show our collective progression towards these goals through the State of the City Report, which is organised according to five key themes:

This year’s state of the city report represents the third analysis of our progress towards the vision and objectives outlined in the Our Manchester Strategy, focusing on the progress the city has made since the 2015 baseline.

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