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Tree Action Plan

The tree action plan forms part of the green and blue infrastructure strategy. Our vision is to secure a long-term future for our trees and woodlands for generations to come, providing the right management and strong protection, ensuring their positive contribution to a growing, world class city, recognised for its dynamic and sustainable economy and high quality of life.

The action plan has been developed together with a range of organisations and agencies, covering existing and new partner commitments. It is a list of actions to be delivered by our partners and stakeholders, demonstrating true commitment to a sensible, sustainable and essential future for trees and woodlands in the city.

Download the Tree Action Plan

Growing Manchester's Trees

We are leading the way with the level of detail provided in this authoritative look at the way the city’s treescape has evolved, how it functions and how it can be improved.

Using the most detailed data sets on tree cover ever provided, we are able to deliver ward-level insight into tree capacity, identifying where and how tree canopy can be increased effectively, sustainably and appropriately. This nuanced, exciting vision looks beyond the usual places for planting (parks and green spaces) and encourages us to look at our own spaces, our gardens, streets and  road sides to increase the city’s canopy cover, not anywhere and everywhere, – but where trees are needed most.

Download the Growing Manchester's Trees study

Tree Capacity Posters

Based on the Growing Manchester's Trees Study above, each Ward has its own specific tree targets and suggested locations presented as handy infographics.. great for developing bids and campaigns to get more trees in appropriate locations. 

Download the Tree Capacity infographics

City Roots

The story of Manchester’s Urban Forest is an informative 100-year look back at how the city’s treescape and its neighbourhoods have evolved over time, referencing population decline and growth, and reflecting the changes, challenges and environmental activity that has helped shape the city’s landscape.

Download and read the full story of the City Roots

Principles of Tree Management

We have a commitment to trees, they are an integral part of what makes Manchester a vibrant, attractive and liveable city. The responsibility for trees, from planting to management, is not always obvious. This document provides a resource for tree-related queries in Manchester. It is intended to inform and help, and to save time.  

Our tree management principles will help us all to understand the value of our tree stock and how sensitive, consistent and appropriate management practices will help protect this resource for generations to come.

Download the Tree Management Principles

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