Manchester City Council

Schools, education & childcare Data Sharing Protocol

Basic principle and professional values

Basic principle

1. It is understood by all concerned that the analysis and evaluation of school and pupil performance data is a central facet of the school improvement process, and that the responsible sharing of data and information strengthens this process.

Professional values

2. The Education Department will provide schools with their own and other schools' data on the understanding that they are used, interpreted and reported on in a professional manner.

3. The data sets and analyses are confidential to the schools within the education department, and are not be used to promote one school at the expense of another.

4. All pupil performance analyses, evaluation and reports held or carried out within the department will be available to any school whose data is included in the analyses, evaluation or report. Where comparable reports and analyses are presented to schools, they will be able to identify other schools' results as well as their own.

5. Where the source of some data must arise in schools or in the LA, then there is a commitment on both parties to ensure that data is kept up-to-date.

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