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Schools, education & childcare Data Sharing Protocol

The START System (CPDM)

9. The above points all hold equally for the START/CPDM system, plus extra points as outlined below.

10. The web-based data management system being developed will provide access to curriculum data analysis at pupil, class, year group, school, and LA levels. Data analysis will provide access to outcomes that provide for the needs of users as shown within a minimum data entitlement for each user. Access rights to this data will be determined by the needs of each user, and the need to consider the confidential aspects of the data held. Each user will be given access rights that offer appropriate reading access, and writing access. Access rights will be based upon an agreed minimum data entitlement for each group of user.

11. Pupil level data will be accessible to each school, but a school will only have pupil level access to data on pupils who are currently on roll, those who have been on roll or who have been provisionally accepted for a place at that school. Data on pupils who have left a school will be accessible by the school where national tests or examinations were taken. Each school will have access to grouped pupil data from other schools (where groups are defined as 5 or more pupils).

12. The data management system will accommodate the needs for trialling and using new benchmarking systems that might be developed nationally, or within LAs and other START partners.

13. The system will provide an easy means to enter new data.

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