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Benefits & support We sometimes overpay your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

How we get overpaid benefit back

Housing Benefit overpayments

  • From your weekly benefit if you still get Housing Benefit. We can take money each week until your overpayment is cleared. For 2016/17 we won't usually take more than £11.10 a week and we can take less if it is causing you hardship. We can take more if you have committed fraud.
  • From your rent account if you are a council tenant. If your rent account is in credit we can take the overpayment back from your credit. We won't put you in rent arrears.
  • From your landlord if you are a tenant of a private landlord, housing association or housing trust and we have been paying them direct. We can ask them to repay the overpayment. This may mean that you owe your landlord more rent.
  • Using other money we owe you. If we owe you benefit for another period we can use it towards your overpayment.
  • We may send you a bill (invoice) if you are no longer on benefit or don't get enough each week for us to make a deduction. If you get a bill from us you must make arrangements to pay it.
  • We may take it from another party. We can ask the Department for Work and Pensions to take money each week from your benefits until your overpayment is cleared. We can ask another Council to take money for us from Housing Benefit they are paying you.

Read more about our debt recovery procedures for Housing Benefit overpayments.

Council Tax Support overpayments

We usually take the money back out of your Council Tax account and send you a new bill with more to pay. If you pay by direct debit the Council Tax Service will increase your monthly payment.


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