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What we can tell you about your tenant's Housing Benefit

If we pay the benefit to your tenant

We can only give you information about your tenant’s Housing Benefit if they give us permission. They must do this on the claim form or write to us.

If they give us permission we can tell you:

  • where the claim is up to
  • whether we have made a decision
  • when we are sending out the payment.

But we cannot tell you confidential details such as:

  • personal details like their financial circumstances; or
  • how much benefit we have decided to pay them.

Once we have made a decision on the claim we can't tell you anything more.

If we pay the benefit direct to you

We will write to tell you when we start or stop paying you direct.

We can tell you:

  • the date the benefit started and ended.
  • the weekly amount of benefit, if it doesn’t cover the whole rent you must collect the rest from your tenant
  • how often we pay
  • how much we are taking from the benefit to recover an overpayment
  • details of any cheques paid directly to you.

If your tenant has asked for payments to go direct to you but we cannot pay the claim because we don't have all the details we cannot tell you unless we have the tenant's permission.

You can view certain details of your tenant's Housing Benefit claim once we have made a decision. You need to register online for this free service.

If we pay your agent

  • we expect to deal with your agent, not both of you;
  • you must ask your tenant or agent for any information you need; and
  • we will give your agent the same information that we would give you if we paid you direct.

If your tenant is getting Universal Credit

They will not get any Housing Benefit because help with housing costs is included in Universal Credit. It's paid by the Department for Work and Pensions so you will need to contact them.

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Was this page helpful?