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Public Footways

Manchester Contracts carries out creation and reconstruction work on footways throughout the city of Manchester, from the busy city centre to surrounding ward areas.

We work with our clients to develop an annual programme of improvements, and by financially monitoring the projects, we can ensure they are completed on time and within the allocated budget. This approach enables any potential overspend to be managed in the early stage of a scheme.


Our experienced workforce carry out sinking of segmental shafts for new manhole construction, and also the construction of segmental minor tunnelling to facilitate new underground drainage systems.


Manchester Contracts' vast experience of marking the highway enables us to complete the work safely and with little disruption to traffic. Our teams are trained to read from drawings and to provide a safe working area for road users and pedestrians.

From standard markings such as give-way markings at junctions, to yellow lines, business car parks, sports arenas and providing disabled parking bays for residents, we ensure that the work meets specified standards.

We also carry out lining works on behalf of Manchester Parking, which is responsible for designated yellow line areas that must be clearly marked on the highway.

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